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Climate Change is Real Folks, Start Learning How To Stop It

5 Opinions Explaining Why You Can’t Deny Climate Change.

climate change world on fire from rising temperatures

If you are seriously wondering if Climate Change is real or not then you are definitely part of the problem with humanity’s current train of thought.  Any rational sentient being that has the drive to survive would be aware or at least curious about the future of it’s race based on population growth. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, fish populations are on the decline, and oxygen giving forests are cut down, yet we still don’t believe that GLOBAL WARMING is real…

As a Chemical Engineer, I refuse to let these crimes against our little miracle in the universe continue to go unchecked. Here are 10 facts to give you peace of mind, knowing that you (as a part of the whole human race) have probably destroyed the world.


Oh, btw… I’m not citing anything, this is an opinion site. If you want to dispute these facts, then go ahead… You won’t find anything wrong 🙂

1. Warming Ocean Temperatures

The ocean is what basically keeps life on earth alive. If you ruin the ocean you destroy life? Yes dumb-dumb, by becoming dependent on oil and beef you have exposed the world to excessive CO2. Did you notice the C on the O2, that means it doesn’t float so well. It has a little extra anchor dragging it all the way down to the ocean bottoms. Because the ocean also absorbs and distributes heat around the world and we are seeing the hottest years ever recorded (10 out of the last 16).  We will definitely see a rise in ocean temps… Did you know that the lobsters are moving north?  So yeah, warming ocean temperatures will screw us over in the next two to four decades.

2. Warming Temperatures All Around

Temperatures are warming for everyone, the last 16 years have produced 10 of the hottest years ever recorded. That doesn’t seem make believe, do you think that this is some natural occurrence that hasn’t happened for millennia and is finally due? Nope, this is really and truly a result of human activity. It is estimated that temperatures will continue to rise as we continue to ignore what is happening, let’s just keep on abusing our natural resources, we’ll all be fine.

3. Ocean Acidification

dead coral due to ocean acidification

An evil twin to global climate change is ocean acidification. This is noticed by bleaching events on coral reefs all around the world. When these coral reefs exhibit this whitening it means that they are weakening their structural integrity. It’s easy to assume that this is a natural event and that human beings couldn’t possibly influence something as large and vast as the ocean. The frequency of coral reef bleaching events has been accelerating over the last 20 years. Larger than normal weather phenomenon have been recorded recently and if you watch the news I’m sure you’ve heard about the devastating hurricanes over the last ten years. This is due to the warming ocean temperatures, this directly influences convection which in return creates more powerful storms. When the coral reefs are bleached they become weaker, when the storms roll through it completely destroys the entire coral reef habitat. This doesn’t just affect the reef, millions of fish populations depend entirely on the coral reefs. It’s estimated that 80% of the world’s coral reefs are going to be dead in the next decade. The main cause for ocean acidification is CO2, when mixed with H2O you get a carboxylic acid. The acid is is weak, but just strong enough to erode the corals structure.

4. Beef, Beef, Beef

Methane is 20x more potent than carbon dioxide, cow's produce extreme amounts of methane
Methane is 20x more potent than carbon dioxide, cow’s produce extreme amounts of methane

It could be argued that farmers are simply trying to support the gradual rise of more people entering the middle class. Cattle can’t simply exist in a wooded environment, this leads to farmer cutting down forests in order to make room for the demand for beef. If all the cattle in the world formed a nation, it’s green house gas emissions would be the 3rd largest in the world. The first would be China, second the United States, and third would be all the cattle in the world. Methane is 86x worse than carbon dioxide, imagine the flatulence that comes out of these cows…

5. Deforestation of the Amazon

deforestation in the amazon could cause serious harm to the world
deforestation in the amazon could cause serious harm to the world

The Amazon contains some of the most intriguing and unique forms of life on the planet. It is estimated that only 5% of the amazon is even explored. We have derived countless cures for common illnesses from plants and herbs found in the Amazon. If all of this disappears to cattle country then we will be in a sorry state. There are definitely more cures that are waiting to be found. The Amazon also helps replenish the world with Oxygen, how can we live without that? I would rather have Oxygen than beef.


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